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Health Advocate can 

help protect your 


Over two-thirds of Americans are 

overweight or obese. Excess 

weight contributes to more than 

60 chronic diseases, such as 

diabetes and heart disease. 

If your employees are overweight, 

they could be both risking their 

health and raising health care 

costs for your organization. 

Turn to us!

We offer two solutions that work 

in tandem, or as individual 

interventions, to help reduce 

obesity within your organization:

1. Health Advocate Wellness Program

 a.  One-on-one behavior change sessions 

with a Wellness Coach

b.  Personal Health Profile (PHP) to identify 

individual needs

c.  Self-directed workshops that teach 

nutrition and encourage increased 

physical activity

d.  Fitbit® and other wearables integration

e.  Fun, online resources, competitions and 

gamefication that engage employees

f.  Incentive management support

g.  Click here to learn more about 

the Health Advocate Wellness Program

2. HMR Weight Management Services Corp. 

Healthy Solutions® at Home Program

a.  Ranked a "No. 1 Best Fast Weight-Loss 

Diet" in U.S. News & World Report's 

Best Diets of 2016

b.  Home delivery of delicious shakes, 

entrees and bars

c.  Affordable pricing

d.  Proven record of helping people eat 

better and stay active

e.  Regularly scheduled group weight 

loss and nutrition coaching

f.  Click here to find out more 

details about the HMR Healthy 

Solutions at Home Program

We can help your employees lose weight 

and improve their overall health — and 

save you money

Contact us today to learn more!



May is National 

Physical Fitness 

and Sports Month

May is National Physical 

Fitness and Sports Month 

and we want you to be 

physically and mentally fit 

this summer! Many diseases 

are linked to your physical 

fitness, and by simply 

partaking in 30 minutes of 

exercise a day, you instantly 

increase your heart heatlh, 

muscular strength, 

endurnace and more. 


Click Here

to learn more facts  and tips 

about increasing your physical 



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